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Bertrand Munier
Bertrand Munier
Chairman of the Board

Professor Bertrand Munier is Emeritus at the Sorbonne’s business school and affiliate professor in New York. Trained as an economist, he visited Princeton’s and Yale’s graduate schools, in economics and management (Doctoral dissertation under Oskar Morgenstern’s guidance in the first institution). Visiting professor in the U.S. and Germany, he has given talks throughout the world, including at IMF and European Parliament. He was an expert to governments in Europe and received prestigious national distinctions in France. His research has focused during 25 years on risk management, among which 20 years on experimental decision under risk. In the latter domain, he worked with several of the internationally most renowned researchers and taught a number of today's best specialists. You could learn more on wikipedia.

Thierry Bounous
Thierry Bounous,
External Adviser

Thierry Bounous studied law in Geneva and passed the Bar in 1995. He was hired by a very large trade finance bank, before working successively as wealth planner, as head of the Legal, Compliance & Financial Planning departments of a large bank in Monaco, and later as financial planner again in Geneva. Since 2009, Thierry Bounous has been an independent lawyer with ‘Meyer Avocats’ in Geneva.

Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez
External Advisor

PhD in Economics and a former student of Maurice Allais, Christian Gomez initially followed an academic career as Assistant Professor at the University of Rennes - before joining in 1983 the banking industry where he has held important responsibilities in the investment banking business of a major international institution, both in Asia - Tokyo and Hong Kong - and in Europe - Paris, London, and finally Zurich where he was CEO from 2004 to 2010.

Risk Innovative Software Solutions

from Knowledge Acquisition


RiSSK International SA is developing multidimensional decision aid systems, designed for risk and uncertainty environments. This category of software will be at the crossroads of project teams risk handling, risk management departments and in some cases marketing departments.
The NERP software is of primary interest to financial intermediaries as well as to private banking, more generally at the crossroads of asset management departments, compliance teams and risk management departments.


Riskinnov Ltd. and Research

Pr. Munier has been for a long time a researcher with companies in nuclear energy, asset management, commodities markets and has won international prizes in academia and business. He has authored over 150 scientific papers and books, mainly in decision analysis, international economics, business and risk management and fulfills research contracts with several of these companies. Today, Riskinnov Ltd. maintains a high activity in research, through contractual research commitments with institutions in the City of London or elsewhere, in various economic sectors.

Your experience is the key

Financial and financialized markets have evolved towards complex systems. Past personal experience of investors encapsulates the accumulated sense for risk tolerance of retail as well as of professional investors. But we have little way to be made aware of that tolerance, which most standard quantitative models are unable to accommodate in a personalized way. NERP has the power of giving us access to that accumulated experience by appropriately using the insights psychologists, great economists and statisticians have provided us with. There is the core of Riskinnov Ltd. know-how.


Risk management

As professionals point out in finance as well as in industry, meaningful risk evaluations should combine both risk level in the usual sense and risk attitude. The new ISO 31000  standard insists on this approach. This is true also when asset managers do the job for retail investors, which is exactly what NERP allows you to grasp through the risk profile of the investor.


NewEra Rissk Profiler is a protected brand in all countries of the European Union, as well as in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Monaco. Rissk is a protected commercial name. Riskinnov Ltd. is a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales under Nr. 9399860 by the Registrar of Companies in England and Wales. All rights are owned by the founder of the company.