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Master the NERP technology


Why NERP technology is easily accessible

Questions in NERP are transparent to anybody and the content of the next question is a precise reaction to the last given answer: Consistency is insured. Clients do not realize that they are telling more than they believe: No attempt to answer strategically emerges: Interpreting the results is unambiguous in most cases and requires only some simple know-how.

The difficulties or implementing MIFID

Implementing MIFID-II on the basisd of a questionnaire is highly perilous. Are questions (1)sufficiently clear to the client in content, (2) consistent, (3) cover the essential factors of client’s “profile”? Can answers receive any clear-cut interpretation? Do clients answer what they really think? These topics are indeed be extremely difficult. As a result, lack of understanding and conflicts may emerge. A report to the AMF on the subject concluded that questionnaires provided useful information in only 20% of cases.


How training sessions may be organized

When you subscribe to NERP, no heavy training is required for your personal to fulfill obligations resulting from MIFID-II's articles 24-25. A short session can be organized to train your officers, so that many people can benefit in depth from NERP's analysis within your company. These short training sessions might be organized in various locations, though this may clearly entail an additional travel or space renting cost. Half a day will in most cases be largely sufficient.

When Quali means quanti

Using NERP requires zero qualification in quant. Indeed, interpretation is based on the shape of 3 curves, without any computation. We provide trainees with a “user’s manual”, explaining everything necessary without any computing. Yet, if some asset managers wish to go further and derive quantitative guidelines from the results, we can help (additional costs). We provide all trainees with appreciation certificates, giving details of the chosen training session.

If you want to start your experience with NERP, please follow the registration process by clicking the buttom below