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Suitable Investment


A series of versions with dedicated site space, your definition of IDs, from 15 to 100 users!


NERP™ "Private" Design

Some organizations may wish to buy NERP™ as an online service , but require to have exclusive access to a given single machine. We call this a NERP™ "Private" service. We are then able to arrange for the supporting infrastructure (Iaas), an access to the software providing the service of revealing a generalized risk attitude (Saas) as well as a quick training of your officers in charge to make them fully operational. More than simply some new Risk Profiler, NERP™ opens a new era in risk profiling !

NERP Advanced

Customization reaches a peak, as you are able to extend the IaaS and the Saas technical support as well as the training of your internals trainers, you may add elements of your visual identity guidelines, customize a text. You could also choose to incorporate NERP into your current questionnaire as an IT project of yours.




Add NERP Private to your company’s strong points

Click on the "Buy Now" button and follow the instruction: You will soon receive a confidential company RiSSK ID and Sub- IDs for authorized users. Then, clicking on "My Account" you can identify correspondingly: you immediately can start assessing client’s profiles. NERP Online is available 7d/7, 24h/24 worldwide. If sharing screen, you even can test customers remotely.

NERP technical use in 5 steps


1) Identify yourself with a secure connection 2) Customize your interface if needed and run the session 3) Securely save data on your customer, on his investment and the context 4) the interactive session begins, each question derives from the previous answers and 5) results appear on the screen and can be downloaded in an encrypted mode.



User's Guide

The first half of our tutorial allows you to master options to adjust your settings - languages (English, French, German), designs, colors as well as the desired results precision. The second half gives an interpretation of more than 12 possible profiles (the 3 cases Risk-taker, risk-adverse and risk-neutral are only special – and seldom meaningful by themselves – cases)

Training and Private versions

Private NERP versions include the subscription to initial training for your internal trainers. During half a day we quickly teach the foundations, we describe the settings phase and immediately work on case studies. Finally, we introduce NERP Analysis. NERP Certified Internal Trainers warrant core technical skills required for an efficient use of NERP. Learn more

NERP Analysts

This service is available if you want a RiSSK specialist carry out a fully securitized assessment of the risk profile of some client of yours, leaving it to you only to appropriately design a corresponding portfolio. This service can also include a complementary quantitative assessment of the profile, which can lead to compute optimal portfolios.

System Security and Certification

With NERP™ Online (SaaS) you have a highly secure hosting certified Hub European level II and compliant with SAS 70 (fire protection, power failure, temperature control). The Infrastructure is highly available and continuity of services due in particular to the redundancy of equipment.

The system takes into account the constraints and regulatory standards of governance, audit, security and quality of computer information systems wich you may be subjected to (Basle III, ISO20000, FCA CobiT).

If you want to start your experience with NERP, please follow the registration process by clicking the buttom below